relying On Professionals

 Understanding our supply chain & how not having the support from world recognized brands could impact our customer needs directly. Our mission has been to build a strong reputation in our industry with having the highest level of integrity behind it.

Our Strategy

Having the highest level of understanding provides us with the ability to execute any business plan despite the complexity. Our team is equipped to take on any sized grow operation and promise to provide you with top-tiered products with out breaking the bank. We know what it means to have budget and we guarantee no matter how big or small it is our level of professionalism and integrity will come first.


With unlimited support from our distributors, we can provide you with exclusive access to ANY top level products in the industry.

  1. Gavita Lighting
  2. Phot Bio Lighting
  3. Botanicare
  4. USHIO’s NaOClean™ E water systems
  5. Fox Farm
  6. General Hydroponics
  7. Advanced Nutrients 
  8. Quest 

Research & Development

With our partnerships we know the products we offer to you have been tested in scientific trials and with the research that has been studied this allows us to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Vertical Racking Systems

Our partnerships offer competitive high-density indoor vertical grow rack systems, maximize available space by increasing growing capacity and avoiding new construction. All in all, grow more using less resources, by making every cubic foot count.

Water Treatment & Irrigation

Types of systems to think about! 

  1. Indoor & Outdoor Systems
  2. Greenhouse Systems
  3. Ebb and Flow Systems
  4. Drip Irrigation Systems
  5. Fertilizer Injection (fertigation) Systems
  6. Reverse Osmosis Systems
  7. Drain Collection & Re-circulation Systems
  8. Even Data Logging Systems

Odor Mitigation

Turn your vision into reality!

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Greenhouse Cannabis Farming

Welcome to the world of urban farming!

The growing future in urban farming has finally surfaced here in Upstate New York. Let’s get urban communities closer by growing around their vicinity and finally creating unity one grow at a time.